Electronics Apps – Electrodroid

When I got my first Android phone it was suggested I look up an app called Electrodroid. After installing it, I was instantly impressed. Electrodroid is only available on Android and is the app to have for any and every kind of electronics engineer and technician. As shown above there are four tabs to choose a vast array of useful information that’s available on the go from your device.

Calculators – has a range of different calculators to help with everything from resistor codes to filters and PCB trace width calculation. All of this in one place.

The next tab has a whole list of

Pin-Outs – think of a connector used in everyday electronics – it’s probably here. On top of this are pin outs for Raspberry Pi, Arduino’s and Beaglebone boards also.

The next tab is a Resource table for component selection, wiring size tables and chip databases.

The amount information available to the Electrodroid user is massive and it’s accurate, quality information that can be relied on.

Electrodroid is also expandable, with a number of Plugins that are designed to work with it.

It’s when the plugin’s for Electrodroid are used that the true power of this little app becomes apparent. The plugins allow us to add extra functionality to:

  • Access a complete parts database.
  • PIC Microcontroller Database.
  • Atmel Micro Database.
  • Circuit Simulation.

That’s right – circuit simulation on a mobile device. While this may be hard to use on a phone, a 7 or 10 inch tablet offers a useable environment for this  feature.

The Circuit Simulator which is offered by Everycircuit and has in app costs up to £12.

As with many of these apps the basic version was free, with a paid version offering more features. The cost of the paid version only around £2 the investment is a no-brainer and easily worth more as the plugin features that can go with Electrodroid are free to use (apart from the simulator).

Access to an integrated electronics design assistant as powerful as this – How much can it change how engineer’s and technician’s work?

Circuit Mechanix © 2016


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