Review: Snap EDA

A few years ago I found out about a project being undertaken called SnapEDA, which aims to bring accurate and detailed library components to PCB design tools. The idea is to save time for the PCB / electronics engineer making library components and bring them the parts they need across a range of different design tools.

The idea came from Natasha Baker who started Snap EDA to address the market of delivering PCB library components to engineers quickly and cost effectively.

The website gives a library of parts in it’s database, a design hub from semiconductor manufacturer’s, a diagnostics tool for natasha-baker-e09d3bd73a63checking library parts and a community to share key topics with other engineers.

Each part in the SnapEDA library has it’s own symbol, PCB footprint and parts. 

data downloaded straight to the engineer when they need it for free. Snap EDA’s components are available in formats that can be used by all of the main PCB EDA providers. And are constantly looking to expand the range of components they offer and the range of tools that can be provided for. 

Labelling itself as the universal parts library their features and rate of progress means that this title is well deserved. By interacting and addressing the needs of electronics and PCB engineers there may soon be a time when spending hours making library parts could be a thing of the past.  

Into this mix SnapEDA just just launched a new feature into it‘s cluster of useful and innovative services – Instapart. The engineer can request a part for $29 or the part and it’s 3D model for $79 and is delivered for download within 24 hours.


When considering the time it takes to create complex components like IC’s $75 for a full part in 24 hours saves time and a lot of money. The engineer is concentrating on design aspects as they should be rather than taking precious time in creating the part for their library.

Have a look at the website – have a look and see if they can transform library creation for you.

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