Circuit Mechanix – March 2017


Circuit Mechanix Mar 2017 - Front Cover

Welcome to the first issue of Circuit Mechanix this year! A little later than expected this issue focuses on flexi and flex rigid PCB design and manufacture.


This issue also looks at the National Physics Laboratory soldering defects database  and we get a new feature – The PCB Mechanic. Every issue will now feature some of his thought on what’s going on.





Have a look – get in touch and get involved if you like. This is a young project and help with news and features is needed.

Download the PDF for the magazine here:

Circuit Mechanix Mar 2017


CircuitMechanix Flipbook:

CircuitMechanix Dec 2016 – Flipbook


There is also a LinkedIn Group for the Magazine and discussion around it here:

Circuit Mechanix LinkedIn Group

Also have a look at the Circuit Mechanix Facebook Page and follow from there!


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